Peter Harhas

Director of the ABA-center

Our goal at the ABA centre is the application of specific methods of applied behavioural analysis to improve the quality of life of children diagnosed with developmental disabilities and of their parents. more….

Nataliia Marian

Manager & Head therapist АВА-Centrum

I have been working at ABA centre since June 2018. That was when my life had been turned upside down. Before that, I was working at school as a computer science teacher for both, the youth and the elderly. more ….

Alyona Ahmadová

Behavioral Analyst, BCBA

I have extensive experience with working with children and adolescents diagnosed with autism and other developmental disorders. I have more than 10 years of practice. more ….


Hural Tetiana

Senior ABA Therapist & primary school teacher

Since childhood, I was sure that in the future I would work with children, so I chose the profession of a primary school teacher. more….

Samoilova Anastasiia

ABA Therapist & Practical psychologist

I’m a pearson madly in love with the life and laughter of children! The symbol of autism is puzzle: my acquaintance with ABA therapy happened by chance, more ….

Mgr. Barbora Mária Branišová

АВА Therapist & Psychologist

Working with children is an experience full of pleasure and uniqueness. Every progress, which we can make together in a child’s life is a wonderful reinforcement for us. more ….

Nazar Shpylchak

АВА Therapist and Physiotherapist

Working with children make me happy for many reasons. My first contact with ABA method was half a year ago. I was invited as a physiotherapist to the ABA center. more ….

DiS. Kristýna Nová

АВА Therapist & Special teacher

As a child I had some experience, which related to specific learning disabilities. Thanks to my parents, who devoted themselves to me more ….

Mgr. Mária Janičková

АВА Therapist & Psychologist

When I was child some one asked me ,, What do you want to be?,, my answer was „ I want to help people“. I always wanted to do something that would more ….

Maksimko Nadia

АВА Therapist & primary school teacher

Before becoming part of the ABA center, I had no close experience with children with PAS and other developmental disabilities. I graduated from the Stephanik Pedagogical University. more ….

Olena Murha

АВА Therapist

Everyone strives for perfection to be the best version of himself. We have a perfect vision of what is around us. more ….

Halyna Frydrak

АВА Therapist

Working at the ABA Center is a new opportunity and life experience for me. I love children and love to hear their loud laugh. more….

Ganna Frydrak

АВА Therapist

Love for children has shaped my way in life as a teacher and therapist. Owing to work with children and development in ABA-therapy. more ….

Marina Chaush

ABA Therapist & Special teacher

I am in love with my work and cannot imagine my life without children’s smiles. For me, every child is, first of all, a personality that needs to be understood and guided. more ….

Leleka Viktoriya


Experiences for 25 years. I graduated form Dragomanov National Pedagogical University. We all know, that clear and correct speech is foundation of successful in communication and learning. more ….