DiS. Kristýna Nová

АВА АВА therapist & Special teacher

As a child I had some experience, which related to specific learning disabilities. Thanks to my parents, who devoted themselves to me and went with me to pedagogical – psychological counselling, I managed everything well and I was able to join the collective. Since I always wanted to work with people, I graduated from the High School of Gastronomic and Hotel, where I understood that working with adults does not fill me as much as working with children.

At this school, I started teaching kids how to swim. Among these children appeared children with disabilities. The approach to these children had to be different, which not all coaches understood, and I wanted to change that approach. That’s why I went to a university with a special education degree. Thanks to the practices this school has given me, I have found that working with these children fills me up and I have found my potential in doing so.

These children are very nice and smart, we just need to know how to work with them and how to develop them further, so I take it as a mission to help them and bring their world closer to ours. Therefore, I believe that a person who wants to deal with this issue should be educated throughout his life, as in any other profession.

I first got into ABA therapy as a volunteer at a camp organized by ABA Сentrum. I liked the vision of ABA therapy so much that I started working here. I enjoy this job, it’s different every day and That’s what I like about it.